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Q: How should I use SciStart?

SciStart is for scientists and professionals interested in research and innovations. You can use SciStart to:
1- Discover innovations and research shared by universities and scientists.
2- Endorse innovations, either by sharing your opinion of tagging your papers.
3- Showcase your research, and tag relevant papers to it.
4- Publish your profile with your impact areas.
5- Connect with other scientists and potential employers.

Q: What does tagging a paper mean?

Tagging a paper means creating a link between a published paper and an innovation or research. The paper should be related to the innovation or research it is tagged to.

Q: How can I tag my papers?

Click the Endorse button on the card, the enter the link of the paper you would like to tag. For example:

Q: Should my paper be related to the innovation or research I want to tag it to?

It should be related to a certain degree. Please use your best judgment to decide this.

Q: Whose paper can I tag?

You can tag primarily your own papers (i.e. your name is in the list of authors), but also your peers’ papers, provided you have their consent.

Q: What is the benefit of tagging papers for me?

Tagging papers creates links between your papers, innovations and other published research. It will enhance visibility of your research, show your translational impact, and help communicate it with other scientists and potential employers.

Q: Should I upload files of the papers in order to tag them?

No. You can tag them only by entering the web links of the papers using the Endorse. For example:

Q: What is the benefit of my profile on SciStart?

Using your profile, you can monitor your progress, identify your impact areas, and publish your profile for increased visibility. Check your profile to learn more about this.

Q: What kind of research can I showcase?

You can showcase either published research, or research in progress. When showcasing research in progress, you should NOT disclose any sensitive details. You can also showcase your conference posters.

Q: What are the next steps after tagging my papers and sharing my research?

The SciStart platform is expanding with more innovations, research and functions. You can check back to monitor your progress, discover more innovations to tag your papers to, and thus increase your visibility. We are in the process of creating more functions for you. Stay tuned.

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